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Have You Planned and Started Saving for Your Child’s Higher Education?


Sentinel offers asSist Members a no-obligation personalised assessment with illustrations of how much you need to save on a monthly basis to meet your child’s higher education costs.

    • We assess your needs and help you put in place a flexible savings plan designed to help you accumulate capital in a committed manner for this specific objective.
    • We operate independently and are not tied to any company or institution, and any product recommended will be compliant and regulated for use in Spain or Gibraltar.
    • Plan flexibility generally includes the ability to kick start the plan with a small lump sum, save monthly, and take regular withdrawals to coincide with university or school terms, or quarterly, annual or ad-hoc withdrawals as necessary.
    • We help you select the right funds for your plan, ensuring that it is always growing in line with your goals and aspirations.
    • Ongoing service and experience: We are based in the area and the Advisers assigned to asSist are all parents with many years of experience spanning several continents.
    • Our service promise is to keep you up to date with regular review meetings and reports, and to be a phone call or email away.
Education Fee Illustration

Jack is currently 6 years old and wants to be a doctor. His sister Jill is 3 years old and wants to be an actress. Their parents live in Spain and want to send Jack to Oxford University to study Medicine and Jill to Manchester Metropolitan University to study Drama.

Since both parents are EU citizens and live in the EU, they benefit from Home and EU Fees, which means that Jack’s 4 year degree tuition will cost £9,000 per year plus living costs of £13,000 per year (living costs estimate provided by Oxford University), which is a total of £88,000 for Jack, and Jill’s 3 year degree will cost £9,000 per year plus living costs of £13,000, making a total of £66,000 for Jill.

The good news for Jack and Jill’s parents is that they have 12 years to save for Jack, and 15 years to save for Jill.

The bad news is that university fees escalate each year, and although some Universities publish fee increases between 3-5% each year, university fees have increased by approximately 7.5% per annum since 1987.

Taking into consideration an assumed 5% university fee inflation, Jack and Jill’s parents need to plan and save £116,652 for Jack and £95,130 for Jill.

If Jack and Jill’s parents do nothing, they will either need to fund these costs from savings or income at the time, or Jack and Jill may not receive the education their parents wish for them.

If Jack and Jill’s parents start an education plan today, and commit just £550 per month for Jack and £350 per month for Jill, and their savings plan grows by 6% per year, then Jack and Jill’s higher education costs will be fully met.


good education is an investment for the future and most parents want the best start in life for their child and what more lasting benefit could a parent provide, than a good education.

As a successful and internationally minded professional, it may well be that you yourself received a good education and attended an international university, or you may like many parents, simply feel it is your duty to provide the best education you can for your children.

Whatever the reason, a quality education can open doors, however the cost of providing such an education is continually increasing, and therefore saving for your children’s education requires a long-term plan, with the consequence of not planning usually resulting in significantly diminished net disposable income and all too often the inability to pay fees when they arise.

Delaying making provisions for Education Fee Planning not only affects your child's future but also your own standard of living. It is therefore crucial to ensure that you have a plan in place to meet these obligations when they arise.

It may be that the best time to start saving has already passed, and if this is the case it is even more important that you start saving now!


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